SyncUp - What's your ETA?


Simplicity at its best...

Extremely simple one touch process for creating events and meetings. No more going back and forth between input screens. Quickly select the best option and go to the next step!

What is your ETA? How far are you? Did you leave yet?

This app addresses all these questions and many more without sharing your location. Now instead of calling or texting other attendees about your status, all you have to do is accept the event and everything else will be handled by the app. The app will send push notifications to other attendees to update them about your status with respect to the event.

Get Notified without opening the app!

Get notified about status of all attendees via notifications. So, if you don't want - you don't even have to open the app. The app notifies you about the best time to leave for the event to get there in time. It also notifies you about who is on the way or who has arrived at the event.

Some features that make our app awesome

  • Location

    We never share your location. We only share your ETA information. App only tracks your ETA from 1 hour before the event till your arrival OR till 1 hour after the event start time.

  • Privacy

    If you have not accepted the event or are not attending it, we don't determine any ETA information. We provide your information only for the events that you have accepted.

  • Simplicity

    Right from creating events to seeing ETA's and receiving notifications - App is extremely intuitive, easy and simple to use.

  • Notifications

    Once you accept the event, everything will be automated. You will be notified when to leave for the event based on traffic conditions & will also get updates about other attendees ETAs.

  • Cross Platform Support

    We support both iOS and Android devices. So, if you have an Iphone and your friend has an android device - we've got you covered.

  • No more uncertainity

    When is he coming? How far is he? When will he reach here? - We have provided a solution by which you can avoid all these questions completely. All you have to do is create an event - get your friend to accept it and voila - no more uncertainity!